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Čtvrtek 24.5.2018
od 19:00 do 23:30
STRV Scrollbar
CZPrague23 Rohanské nábřeží186 00
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Come on down to see what goes on behind the scenes with our backend devs! We’re ready to share with you our most interesting projects, clients and technologies. You’ll get an inside peek at how far our codes have gone for Silicon Valley clients. Here’s your chance to grab a beer or three, sit with our team, and hear it all straight from the them – after all, it’s summer time.
Our agenda: -Grab some drinks (7 pm)-3X10 min lightning talks about our projects-Back to the drinks and open discussions
Meet some of our backend devs – Mišo, Karolína, Sam, Juan and Míra. The team wants to grow and this is an awesome chance to get to know them, our projects, and the company –– are you in? Hope to see you on our terrace!
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