Mobile Meetup#2 : Cross-platform development

AppPort Prague - Mobile Meetup#2 : Cross-platform development

AppPort Prague
Úterý 25.9.2018
od 18:30 do 21:00
AppPort Prague
CZPraha 511 Bucharova158 00
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Hello everyone,
We hope you have enjoyed the summer and feel ready for new challenges. We would like to invite you to our second mobile developer meetup. This time it is going to be about cross-platform development. We believe, that the lot of you are facing similar problems as we do, that your applications need to be written for multiple mobile platforms. Since we are not directly working with cross-platform technologies (except a few shared C++ libraries), then we decided to invite an external speaker, who has a lot of experience in this field.
Planned talks:
Tomas Novella: Practical aspects of developing applications in React Native (30 minutes)Tomas is JavaScript and iOS developer with a focus on React Native. He will be talking about his experience with writing production-ready application in React Native. He is able to give you useful details, how he is dealing with UI, debugging, testing, custom native plugins, and CI/CD.
Jan Dedecek: Custom components in Google FlutterGoogle Flutter is a very young technology (the first version was released one year ago). Jan did take the effort and tried to integrate Flutter component into our native application. In his presentation, he will tell you how it went and what are the pros and cons of using this new technology.
We are looking forward to seeing you. Come to listen to our presentations and share your thought about cross-platform development. The meetup will be held on our tremendous floor known as AppPort ().
Food and beverages are provided for all participants.
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