Change Your Life In 45 Minutes (Replace Your Brain With Your Shoes) - Webinar - Prague

Prague - Change Your Life In 45 Minutes (Replace Your Brain With Your Shoes) - Webinar ...

Středa 17.10.2018
od 16:00 do 16:45
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You want to start a revolution in your brain.
You want to hack your thoughts until they let you walk toward a better future.
You know you can do things in a different way, like asking better questions, testing your answers, breaking your limits… To earn more, fear less, feel better...
But you don't know how to do this.
Well, I am in your shoes this time.
And I will drive.
Let’s go to your brain and turn the music on.    
Replace Your Brain With Your Shoes is an interactive webinar. I ask simple questions and I don’t have the right answers. First, we punch my questions and then we punch my answers and as we talk we start to feel the change.   
Here are some examples of questions:

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What Is Success?
What Happens If I Fall Badly (Financially)?
How To Stop Being Vulnerable?
How To Stop Worrying About Aging and Death?
How To Stop Worrying About Everything?
Can I Add Value To Everything I Do?
Can I Stay Fit When I Am Working Like Crazy?
What It Takes To Be Number One In Something?
Is It Possible To Change The Direction Of A Day?
This is an "online only" event. Webinar language is English.
Webinar link will be emailed to the subscribers before the event  (Please also check your junk email folder)
Let’s question life like we never did before!

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