How to grow your company to a successful exit?

SEMrush CZ - How to grow your company to a successful exit?

SEMrush CZ
Úterý 27.11.2018
od 18:30 do 20:30
SEMrush CZ
CZPraha 41718/10 Na Hřebenech II140 00
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At this Meetup, we're going to discuss how to grow your company to a successful exit from the perspective of an active Entrepreneur and an angel investor Jan is an open discussion and it's going to be held at the SEMrush office as always.Jan is a full-time start-up investor and developer. He started by developing his own projects years ago, but lately, he increasingly invests his time and money in projects of other entrepreneurs since he sold a few of his companies.He is hands-on and is not afraid of early stages. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur and investor, he was an associate with the law firm of White & Case and a management consultant with McKinsey & Co.Jan holds an LL.M. from Harvard Law School, J.D. and Ph.D. from the Charles University Law School and MA in Finance from the Prague School of Economics. He is a mentor for tech startups at StartupYard, avid book-reader, and of Jan's investments:(online accounting firm; sold to the managers in 2014; discontinued)(broker-pool, No. 2 in the Czech Republic; exited in 2014 to, a company)(e-content synchronization tool; discontinued due to Adobe entering the niche)(online debt trading platform; sold to the managers in 2013; discontinued)(company expense mngmt platform paired with pre-paid debit cards; MasterCard award winner; exited to VIGO Investments,  September 2015)(specialized mortgage broker)(online insurance broker, No. 2 in the Czech Republic)(personal finance management tool)(e-book distributor and publisher, No. 1 in the Czech Republic; exited to Albatros Media,  October 2016)(Prague's #1 tourist destination, under development)(mobile livestreaming app; new engagement and monetization channel for top YouTubers; under development)(advertising in taxis; invested by Telefonica in 2014)(smart city solutions)Information about the group:B2B Sales & Lead Generation meetup group is a community designed to educate and connect entrepreneurs, founders, sales & marketing professionals and people who are interested in generating more qualified leads for their B2B are some topics we're obsessed with:

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