Backend Talks BRN: Open source

STRV Brno - Backend Talks BRN: Open source

Úterý 1.10.2019
od 18:30 do 22:00
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Sharing is caring, and the IT community is well-known for it.
Open source is all about open collaboration—it gathers and connects communities all across the globe. During this Backend Talk, we want to chat a bit more about how we tackle our open source projects. We will share our approach, specific examples, ideas and even some things that we’ve never shared before.You can look forward to getting some insights straight from our Backend Lead Michal Klacko and Senior Backend Developers Robert Rossmann, Juan Sanchez and David Ruzicka.
Join us for this event and the discussion afterwards!

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Doors open at 6 PM and we’ll be kicking the meetup off promptly at 6:30 PM. Guests are welcome to hang around for further networking at Spacebar after the presentations until 10 PM.

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