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Clarion Congress Hotel Prague - Kannaway Academy | Prague, Czechia

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague
Pátek 28.2.2020
od 10:00
Sobota 29.2.2020
do 14:00
Clarion Congress Hotel Prague
CZPragueFreyova 3319 000
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Kannaway Academy
Be there for world-class training, new product launches and a look into the future of Kannaway!
Kannaway Academy is a hands-on, content-rich day full of training, with an extra half-day invitation-only session for leaders, to help each and every attendee achieve the very best for themselves. Imagine being surrounded by people who are as energized and supportive of your success as you are. Imagine learning the latest breakthroughs in science regarding cannabis, cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system. Imagine meeting and spending time with people growing with Kannaway, who will share their success tips with you. All this, and much much more is what you can look forward to experiencing at the Kannaway Academy in Prague this February.
Our mission at Kannaway has always had two key parts. First to share the message of beneficial cannabinoids with the world, knowing the difference they make in everyday lives and second, to give each person who joins Kannaway the chance to succeed in life in magnificent fashion. Many people who join Kannaway are learning about hemp and cannabis for the first time, are new to being entrepreneurs, and this is the reason we created our Kannaway Academy events.
During the Kannaway Academy we will: 

Hear from an exclusive line up of world-renowned speakers, such as Dr. Stuart Titus and Kannaway CEO, Blake Schroeder.

Discover the latest scientific breakthroughs in cannabinoids

Introduce new marketing materials, presentations, and supports

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Reveal more amazing updates to the website for a continued improved experience

Hold a special invite-only session the day before the general session for Leadership training

And much, much more!

FRIDAY, FEB 28th                              
1200 – 1300                                          Leadership registration
1300 – 1600                                          Leadership training (area director & above)
1600 - 1900                                           General Registration
1900 - 2015                                           *Discover Kannaway meeting (Open to All)
2015 - 2300                                            Attendee reception, main foyer
                                                               Kannaway store 
SATURDAY, FEB 29th                                                       
0800 – 1600                                          Registration & Information
0800 - 0930                                           Kannaway store open
1000 – 1300                                          Opening general session
1300 – 1430                                          Lunch break (guests on own)
1430 - 1730                                           Closing session
1730 – 1900                                          Dinner break (guests on own)
1700 – 1900                                          Kannaway store      
1900 - 2200                                           LOS meetings (Breakout rooms without translation)

We will provide interpreting services from English to;








Clarion Congress Hotel PragueFreyova 33Prague, CZ 19 000

Special hotel rates:
Kannaway has held the rooms at the hotel, and the Brand Ambassadors will receive a special rate of €120 (Executive room) and €90 (standard room) per night. The price includes breakfast, the rooms are available for 1 or 2 persons. The special rate is available for 3 days prior and after the event – from 24 February to 3 March.
In order to make the most out of your Prague experience, use the following link to book your stay:
(note: The reservations page automatically sets the booking details to 27 February - 1 March for 2 adults. To change the query, you will need to click on the red ‘Change’ button).

What Attendees Have To Say
Every part, every speaker, every minute of our Kannaway events is designed to provide maximum value to those who attend. Here’s what some of our Kannaway attendees had to say about what you can look forward to at Kannaway events:

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